Night Market / Pasar Malam
An experience through the local culture. An open market where the locals gather and market their agricultural and local products. A good place to try out the local delicacies and fruits. Normally this night market moves from one village to the other.

RM 25.00 per person (min 4 person)
RM 10.00 for children under 12 yrs old

Tasik Puteri / Cemerung Waterfall
130 km away from the resort. It is made up of 4 cascading rapids and the highest fall is 600 m and nestled in the serenity of the tropical rainforest and rich with flora and fauna. Swim in the cool refreshing water is a remarkable experience. Tasik Puteri is rich with numerous species of fresh water fish and wildlife. You can also experience the wide variety of water sport facilities and a 9 hole golf course provided there.

RM 90.00 per person (4 person min)
RM 45.00 for children under 12 yrs old

Terengganu River Boat Ride & Town Tour
Enjoy the boat ride across the Terengganu river and enjoy the scenic beauty. Stop by at Pulau Duyung and visit the boat making industry and also Seberang Takir, popular for its dried fish and keropok industry. Visit Central Market known as Pasar Payang offering wide variety of traditional handicrafts such as batik, silk, songket, brocade and brass work at a reasonable price. You will also experience the trishaw ride around Terengganu Town.

RM 45.00 per person (min 2 person)
RM 20.00 for children under 12 yrs old

Kampung Excursion
A guided through local fishermen village and learn the typical local way of life. Experience the mengkuang weaving, coconut husking, palm sugar making, monkey plucking coconut and keropok making. At the end of the tour, you will visit a local village house and experience a local family way of life.
Jungle Trekking
Guided hike to the top of Gunung Tebu and enjoy the various flora and fauna and the highlight of the hike is enjoying the scenic view of South China Sea and the islands on the horizon from the peak of the mountain.

RM 40.00 per person
RM 20.00 children under 12 yrs old

Kuala Terengganu Area & Sight Seeing Tour
Kuala Terengganu is the state capital of Terengganu. It is blend of modern development and traditional fishermen settlement and locals are renowned for its friendliness. This tour will take you on fascinating journey through the region's beautiful and various crafts and discover the local culture. This trip include the floating mosque, Noor Arfa Batik Industry, Terengganu Craft Centre, State Museum and Central Market situated at the Terengganu River Bank, an opportunity for you to shop the local products like batik, brassware etc.

RM 40.00 per person
RM 20.00 children under 12 yrs old

Sekayu Waterfall / Kenyir Lake / Jenagor
Sekayu Waterfall about 70km away from the resort. Made of 7 cascading rapids and nestled in the serenity of tropical rainforest. Dip in the water is truly refreshing and ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. And also a tour to the biggest man made lake.

RM 70.00 per person
RM 30.00 children under 12 yrs old

Lata Tembakah / La Hot Spring
Drive up to La Hot Spring and experience the hot water pool to sauna your body. Depart to Lata Tembakah and trek through the top layer of waterfall (50 metres) picnic lunch and swimming in the local water.

RM 80.00 per person
RM 40.00 children under 12 yrs old

Marang River Safari
A boat trip on a river, a steamy cruise upstream with monkeys peering from the forest Iguanas lurking in the muddy water. Motored for couple of hours reaching traditional Terengganu Villagers, a collection of corrugated roofs and coconut trees lost in the jungle. After lunch, journey back to resort.

Fireflies Tour
Fireflies Sanctuary-a mangrove swamp river that located north of Kuala Terengganu. Walk around the traditional fishing village and see the sonneration casedris trees (berembang), sun setting viewing and ready to witness how the fireflies starting their length and gather around the trees. Light dinner in the local fisherman house.

RM 60.00 per person
RM 30.00 children under 12 yrs old

Redang Island Trip
We will take you to Redang Island, where you can snorkel over unspoiled coral reef teeming with marine life or swim from magnificient white sandy beaches. We will also take you to visit the water village on the main island.

RM 110.00 per person
RM 55.00 children under 12 yrs old (Including snorkeling set and picnic lunch)

Scuba Diving
We have diva package for both experienced divers and those who wish to learn scuba diving. Take advantage of the excellent dive site areas and fully equipped Dive Base

RM 250.00 per person

Kapas Island under water Adventure
Pulau kapas is an island renowned for its pure emerald water, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, caves with swallows nests, dazzling marine life and upper coral formation. The island offers many activities such as swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing, kayaking, boating or just lazing around. The journey to Kapas Island takes about 30 minutes by boat across South China Sea from Marang Fishing Village.

RM 100.00 per person
RM 50.00 children under 12 yrs old
Istana Maziah
Central Market( Pasar Payang )
Kenyir Lake (Tasik Kenyir)
Terengganu State Museum Complex
Sekayu Waterfall
Lata Tembakah / La Hot Spring
Pulau Redang , Terengganu
Batik Printing
Scuba Diving Activities
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