Sutra Beach Resort & Spa & Spa,
Kg. Rhu Tapai, Merang, Terengganu,

Sutra Beach Resort & Spa located in Terengganu is one of the best recommended resorts to reside in when you are planning to enjoy a peaceful yet enjoying moment in the state of Terengganu. In the same time, the resort’s strategic location can also help you escape from the buzzes and noises in the big cities, as well as serving as a temporary escapade from the stress and pressure you often face in your daily workload and responsibilities. Thus, it is not surprise that a holiday is often one of the most anticipated moments of most individuals. However, it is really important for one to be able to select the best place to spend your vacation so that moments as precious as that would not go to waste. Thus, if you are looking for a temporary escapade from the city for some peace of mind, the Sutra Beach Resort & Spa is definitely one of the places you must put into your consideration.

Situated in a fishing village, the Sutra Beach Resort & Spa will expose you to the ordinary yet filling lives of the locals when you are indulged in the same environment where they live in the resort. The resort is also located very near to the beach, in which you are free to explore the white silky sand as well as the clear blue see anytime you want. It is definitely one of the most enjoying experiences for you to sit on the beach – either by yourself or with your love ones – while being indulged in the cooling breeze of the sea and listening to the calmness of the waves hitting the shore. However, if your intention of visiting the Sutra Beach Resort & Spa is not entirely consisting of merely entertainment purposes, you can also consider bringing your work along to the resort, in which the calmness and peace of the atmosphere and surrounding might be able to help you greatly in contributing to the open up of more motivations and inspirations needed for your working purposes.

Companies can also hold their meetings in the resort in which the resort will definitely try their best in providing you with the best facilities and services to ensure that your meetings will be successful and fruitful in the end of the day. Various meeting facilities are available in the resort for you to choose. Depending on the size of your meeting, you can choose from a 20 persons classroom up to a 200 persons classroom in which your meeting can be conducted in a theatre style.

There are also many different facilities and services in the resort which will definitely be useful for your relaxation purposes. For instance, you can indulge yourself in the Ulek Sutra Spa, which is well-equipped with sauna, Jacuzzi, as well as various facial treatment room which will not only help you in getting rid of your tension and pressure from work but in the same time, these services and facilities are also very useful for health purposes. Other recreational facilities which you can find in the Sutra Beach Resort & Spa include various outdoor activities, a center for indoor games, traditional massage services, as well as the Internet service, which you are welcome to bring along your laptop to stay connected with your friends and families or even for working purposes.

If you intend to stay in the resort for the entire day, the restaurants and cafes available in the resort would also help you in eliminating your frustration of having to step out of the resort in search of some fine dining experiences. Depending on your preferences, there are various restaurants and cafes in the resort which you can choose from. The Merang Restaurant offers you an international dining experience; the Rhu Tapei Lounge is a good place to hang out for a simple snack or drinking session; whereas the In-Room Dining allows you to have your meal served straight from the restaurants and cafes to your own resort room.

However, if you also intend to visit the interesting places in Terengganu, the Sutra Beach Resort & Spa is also a good place to stay considering the fact that it is situated not far from the places of interest in Terengganu. You can head over to the Night Market for a true experience of the local culture in which you can also purchase some local delicacies or souvenirs as a remembrance of your visit to Terengganu. Apart from that, there is also the Cemerung Waterfall which allows you to have a simple picnic session with your family and your friends so that you would be able to enjoy some bonding session with your love ones. If you intend to know more of the Terengganu town, the Terengganu River Boat Ride situated not far away from the resort will allow you to tour around the Terengganu town without the need for you to walk on foot, which could be tiring and time consuming. The La Hot Spring is also one of the most recommended places in Terengganu in which you will obtain the chance to indulge in a sauna-like experience when you try out the natural hot spring of Terengganu. It is also a healthy yet relaxing experience which you might not be able to obtain elsewhere. If you are a fan of water activities, you can also consider trying out the Scuba Diving which will allow you to have a good look of the unique underwater experience only can be found in Terengganu.

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